"We envision and work toward social and economic relations that affirm and realize the equality, dignity, worth and potential of every person.”

To create a “beloved community,” a community with the above vision and purpose, one must be led by a visionary.  Beloved Community Center is blessed to have such leadership in the person of Rev. Nelson Johnson.  Please find in the space below, some thoughts, incite, opinions, vision and direction from this servant of humankind. 

Words from our Executive Director

Greensboro At the "Tipping Point"

What an exciting time to be alive! I have a dear friend in Detroit named Grace Boggs.  She is 96 years old; her thinking, however, is as clear as a bell. She always asks the question, “what time is it on the world clock, and what are the implications?” Her question is profound. How do we understand this period in history? What are its implications for Greensboro, our nation, and the world?  Sister Boggs tells us that the implications are greater than the shift from an agricultural to an industrial based economy.  We agree!  We want to briefly reflect on this question from a local perspective.

Instead of working mainly issue-by-issue in the same old way, with a narrow viewpoint of merely “helping me and my group survive the race to the bottom,” the emerging period invites imagination and creativity. This period offers a historic opportunity to forge a bold and broad new unity that can transition entire cities toward forging creative alternatives and better ways of living.

Greensboro has the opportunity to forge a model for qualitative change for all of its residents during this emerging period.  This will require four things: imagination that produces a new vision, a plan to actualize the vision, the courage to act, and the requisite resources.  Unless Greensboro and other localities re-direct energies during the coming period, the well-being of our children, as well as the families and communities that must nurture them, will be further jeopardized.  
We in Greensboro are blessed, for as a result of work done over the years, there is a huge reservoir of positive potential built-up and trapped behind a weakening “systemic dam” in our city.  With carefully focused work, the BCC, together with others, is in a position to coalesce progressive organizations and streamlets into transitioning the city into a period of positive and measurable institutional, systemic, and cultural change.  
This change involves not only engaging, on a higher level, local institutional policies and practices that produce negative outcomes but also developing creative economic and educational alternatives.  Collaborating organizations, coalitions, and institutions have the collective power to produce a significantly higher quality of life for all residents, including greater racial equity and a higher level of trust and beloved culture in Greensboro.
What changes should be made in our local economy that open real opportunity to transform “labor” into the joy of work – work for all?  What are the creative changes that should be made in education to support what is emerging?  How can we re-conceptualize all that is necessary to greatly improve the quality of relationships and life in the rich diversity that makes up Greensboro?

We are thankful for all your support in 2011.  We ask your continued support in 2012, as we look forward with excitement and hope. Together, let’s make a much better Greensboro and a better nation!       

Yours for a beloved community,